Blackstone Rising

Act I "The Bridge" Scene 2

Milk Run

As Ashleigh, Mala and SugarPlum sit in the server room, anxiously awaiting word from Echo on when it’s safe to make a break for the storeroom, Echo herself finishes downloading a body of encrypted emails hidden from the server they were uploaded to, and Hyperion stares at the still blood gushing corpse of the security officer who tried to kill him, You pause to think back on the events of the past six hours. You were introduced to Mindfuck, a communicatrix who promised you discrete communication on a magical level. You then left to stock up on supplies, introducing Hyperion to local gunsmithy Liz Gregson, and demolition and drone expert, Greg Durman. Meanwhile, Echo acquired some necessary gear from Poldy Melelidaf, Sherrifftown’s itinerant junk salesman. After that you headed to Everett to begin your run. Hyperion was escorted to his lab by an annoyed security officer while Echo, Mala and Ashleigh discovered that the place was crawling with unexpected brass. While Echo hacked the system, ultimately gaining control of the security feeds and disabling the alarm system, the others made their way to the observation deck where they deftly extracted SugarPlum and headed back to the server room to begin the destruction of the research. Things took a turn when Echo tripped some kind of silent alarm looking into a cache of encrypted emails. This seemed to trigger the guard escorting Hyperion to confront him. Hyperion’s attempts to play dumb fell on deaf ears and though the security officer fired a bullet into the back of his head, the gun jammed and backfired, killing her. It is 12:10 on the morning of Monday, February 22nd (Presidents Day), 2077 and with the exception of Echo whose Avatar took serious damage fighting Black IC, the rest of you are, inexplicably, in good health.


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