Akimi Todumasa

Geomancer and Head of the Seattle Yakuza


Akimi is in her late 40s though she is remarkably, and likely magically well-preserved, appearing to be no more than 30 or so. She has dark straight hair past her shoulders which she often wears in elaborate buns and coifs, stuck through with antique hairpins. Her features are attractive, but not stunning. She has GhostInk tattoos on her whole body that are only visible when she is channeling magical power, but sports no modification aside from that.

She tends to dress modestly, in plain dark pantsuits. When she was a runner, she was known for elaborate tailored outfits that paid homage to her punk sensibilities and her Geomantic past. Those are mostly hung up now. Mostly.


Once a Shadowrunner herself, Akimi showed a massive aptitude for divination and spiritual communication from a young age. She was born in Seattle in 2029, into the Little Asia Slums of Tacoma.

In the 2050s she had the somewhat dubious honor of being “The Most Expensive Spell in the West,” charging an incredible amount of nuyen for her services as a clairvoyant. She also legendarily was present with Jake Armitage during his takedown of Mr. Drake, the dragon of Mount Rainier.

Soon after that adventure however, the Seattle Yakuza saw an opportunity for better organization, especially since so much of their organization had been tainted in financial collapse of Aneki Computer Solutions, who turned out to be Drake’s financiers. Being a Japanese national (emigrating from Kyoto at age sixteen), the Yakuza saw no problem in expediting her ascension to Wakagashira of the Seattle clan, essentially the principle power, seeing as the Oyabun lives on Kyushu alongside the other clan bosses.

Many opposed her fast tracking, including the previous shateigashira who had expected the promotion, but she purged the organization of dissenters, and silenced critics by increasing profits by 75% in the first year of her tenure.

She now lives in the Oicho-Kabu palace in Tacoma, overseeing operations and advancing the syndicate’s bottom line.

Akimi Todumasa

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