Allevandriel Slythenielle

Mutilated High Prince of Tir Tairngire


Allevandrielle stands 6’3, with silvery blonde hair that falls well past his waist. His remaining eye is a sparkling green—what his people call a covetous eye. His skin is pale and unblemished, save the obvious.

The left half of his face is horribly burned, the result of an encounter with dragonfire in his military days. While he kept it glamoured in the Fourth Age, he wears it now as a badge of pride and a tool of fear. The gambit has paid off lending credence to the idea that a warrior’s heart beats just below his dandified exterior.

Allevandriel dresses in traditional Elven garb for the most part: silk robes and leather mantles, with silver jewelry and many inset gems. Even when abroad, he keeps traces of his Strong ties close at hand, usually in the form of a high Elven ceremonial kopesh hung at his side.


High Prince and Chief Regent of the Council of Tir Tairngire. Born at the end of the Earthdawn in the 4th World, he drifted into the the great sleep alongside many of his kin.

He served the Elven king, Lugh Surehand as first blade of the Falconguard who fought the dragons in the last days of the Earthdawn.

Since arriving in the Sixth World, he has played the role of attack dog for Elven interests, backing Lugh Surehand’s project for an Elven state in North America.

He served on the council of Princes, as the majority whip and was confirmed as High Prince after the King’s assassination. His tenure as High Prince has been one of staying the established course. His reputation as a firebrand earners him many enemies in Tir Tairngire and his understanding of this fact means he does not press particularly hard, preferring to let the council come to it’s own conclusions.

His hatred of dragons is quite well known, leading to a rift with Olaus Waurmaous, the council’s dragon representative. He even feuded publicly with Dunkelzahn, leading some to believe that he would be predisposed towards war with the UCAS. That part has thankfully proved untrue and Tir Tairngire seems much more stable under his reign than it ever did under his storied predecessor.

Allevandriel Slythenielle

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