Ashod Sarkossian

Matrix Cafe Proprietor and Information Broker


Ashod is in his late 40s, still vital with salt and pepper hair, swarthy features and a strong pomegranate and clove cologne that clings to him everywhere.


Ashod hails from Yerevan in the former Armenia, now a part of the Persian Republic of Iran. As he is proud of recounting, he fought in the Free Armenian Army, against the Yazidi Corsairs of the 2050s. Taking part in that action led directly to the integration of Armenia into the PRI which caused Ashod to expatriate to first Aztlan, then the UCAS.

While he appears to be wholly obsessed with the running of his Matrix Cafe, Ashod has a checkered past as an information broker and is one’s of Bart’s chief negotiators with the Penumbra.

He is a regular conversation partner of Echo’s though not willingly on her part, and has an extremely close, some suspect inappropriate interest in Micky who acts as a courier and information broker in training on a neighborhood scale.

He is also rumored to be the only person that has personally met with SpoonyBard, the Matrix Cafe being wired into his infonet.

Ashod Sarkossian

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