Bart Coppershield

An Ex-LoneStar Agent with a Nose for Violent Talent


Bart started his career in violence as a LoneStar officer in his native Houston. When contract work just before the Renraku shutdown looked good in Seattle, he jumped ship, leaving his clan, his wife and his nuyen behind on the promise of a new life of luxury. What followed were a couple years of plenty, patrolling Auburn and living in a modestly posh apartment Downtown. After the Renraku incident and Lonestar’s blame in the matter, Bart found himself on hard times, eventually giving up the apartment and his old contacts and finding himself a flophouse to manage in Redmond Barrens.

He found that organizing muscle suited him a bit better than being the muscle himself and within a few years he had himself a couple of city blocks in Outer Redmond that the locals had taken to calling Sheriffstown. Under Bart’s protection, it became largely lawful, pushing the Rust Stilettos out and settling into something like self-sustainable peace.

That caught the attention of the local Shadownode who saw Sheriffstown as a good recruiting ground for runners. He’s fostered a number of people in this manner, organizing talent for runs that come through the pipeline and using his cut to keep Sheriffstown safe. Some people even swear it’s safer than Touristsville, though much smaller, and the matter of getting there across six miles of Rust Stiletto territory makes it hard to connect up with the local Capitol.


Bart Coppershield

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