DeFacto Sherriffstown Security


Bert is a hulking troll, easily past fifty. His face is wrinkled and almost kindly for his race, though a burn on the right side of his face left him blind in one eye. His left leg is lame, supported by primitive cybernetics which he has always been too poor or too obstinate to upgrade. This makes him walk with a halting gait, though his upper body is still massively muscular.


Bert was a Stevedore in Tacoma for twenty years before an injury to his leg kept him from heavy lifting. He lost his rooms at the Dock Workers Corporate Union soon after and drifted into vagrancy in Redmond Barrens, eventually settling in what would become Sherriffstown where he made money looking like hired muscle despite a lack of combat ability.

When Bart Coppershield took up residence, Bert was given a chance to train with firearms and work as one of the neighborhood guards, the Star Rangers. He received a few pointers from Ashleigh Gray with whom he has a somewhat playful relationship.


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