Beth Gregson

Gunsmithy Extraordinaire


Beth is in her late twenties, of average height with mousy brown hair, and a slight and skinny frame. Her most prominent feature is a cybernetic visor that covers half her face.


Beth is a genius with guns. She always has been. Born to a wealthy, Saeder-Krupp family in Denver, Beth left for Seattle for better opportunities with Federated-Boeing, but felt stifled by her supervisors when it came to gun accessories. Much more job satisfaction came from modding the guns of individual clients, many of them FB security brass. Eventually she tendered her resignation and was allowed to leave because of the self-same short-sightedness of her project manager. Work was much easier and more rewarding in the Shadows and by the time she met up with Bart Coppershield, she had enough of a reputation to demand a fully functional workshop in Sherriffstown in return for pro-bono work for any of Bart’s clients.

When Greg Durman moved in to Sherriffstown three years ago, Beth saw an opportunity for a business partner and offered him half her workshop space in return for a steady supply of rare machine parts with which to tinker.

Beth does not shun the company of others, and, in fact, is a much more effective saleswoman for Second Sights than her business partner, but work has always been her first love and highest priority. She had her eyes removed last year and replaced with a prototype, top-of-the-line cybernetic visor to better interface with her work. She claims that what damage its done to her “normie vision” is more than made up for by her “gun vision.”

Beth Gregson

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