Bianca Helman

Governor of the Seattle Metroplex


Bianca Helmann has served as Governor of the State of Seattle for the past ten years, making her the most powerful, non-corporate person in the Metroplex.

She is in her late 60s, with a conservative haircut, now mostly gray from its blonde origins with dark hazel eyes and a stern countenance.

She was considered a great beauty in her youth, and carries herself with the confidence of someone who never questions whether or not she turns heads.

She dresses the part of the politician—dark pantsuits, modest heels. Her leather, collared jacket is a signature item in her wardrobe and she has popularized the look with many of the city’s powerful women.

Bianca was born in Toronto in 2010, to a middle-class family. She moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington earning a bachelors degree in political science and moving on to a degree in corporate law afterwards.

She practiced as a lawyer for Federated Boeing for close to twenty years after college, becoming a partner and eventually running the in-house firm. She stepped down to run for public office, beginning as a dark horse in the mayoral race for Renton, and beating out the Humanis Policlub candidate to the surprise of the pundits.

She spent eight years as mayor of Renton before leaving the public eye for two years to work on her Gubernatorial campaign. A favorite in Washington already, she easily cruised to Victory in 2068 and has never been in danger of losing since. Critics call her Governor-for-life Helman, and most political opposition concedes privately that they will never take the office until she dies or retires.

A member of the Democratic-Libertarian party, Helman is considered a pro-corporate moderate who is not overly ambitious when it comes to reforming the Metroplex’s government. She has not changed any of the corporate statutes already extant, though she has pushed softly for Federated Boeing to have expanded powers throughout the UCAS. This has earned her the enmiity of Ares Macrotechnology, but almost all other corporate entities find her a perfect politician for their lobby.

Many blame her for food riots in Puyallup Barrens and Redmond Barrens, as well as doing nothing to ease racial tensions in Renton. Additionally she is a particularly odious figure for Shadowrunners who see her as the ultimate corporate capitulator. That said, she is likely here to stay, and were her age not a deterrent to such speculation, many people would back her run for UCAS President.

Bianca Helman

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