Damien Knight

Brooding CEO of Ares Macrotechnology


Handsome and youthful, despite being in his mid-60s, Damien Knight has dark hair, worn in an eccentric shock, languorous brown eyes and a tan that some claim gives him an almost unreal shimmer.

He is perhaps the best dressed person in the Western Hemisphere, as much a fashion icon as a symbol of corporate ruthlessness and obsessive vainglory


Damien Knight is the President/CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ares Macrotechnology. He is currently the second largest shareholder with about 23.7% of all shares. He has a long-standing rivalry with Leonard Aurelius and had some connection (and again, a rivalry) to the late Lucien Cross. Leonard Aurelius later sold all his shares to Arthur Vogel. This act made Mr. Vogel the largest shareholder of Ares Macrotechnology.

His first public appearance was on the 24 January 2033, as the Nanosecond Buyout made him the biggest shareholder of Ares Macrotechnology. It is rumoured that “Damien Knight” isn’t his true name and he has maintained a veil of secrecy about his origins.He is believed to be (or to have been) a certain Major David Gavilan of the US Air Force. It is more or less known for sure that he is about sixty-five years old, having undergone through several treatments of leonization.

A close friend of Dunkelzahn, he supported the Dragon’s candidacy in the UCAS Presidential election in 2057. After gaining the election President Dunkelzahn died under unclear circumstances, and Mr. Knight inherited an antique chess set. The set lacks a single figure: a black king – which was given to Leonard Aurelius. The respective entry in Dunkelzahn’s Will ambiguously comments upon the Nanosecond Buyout. “To Damien Knight, I leave my antique chess set, except for the black king piece. I hope you find another worthy opponent. It was only 60 seconds, old friend, but what a ride!” After the death of President Dunkelzahn, Mr. Knight supported the (re-)election of Dunkelzahn’s former Vice-President and acting President Kyle Haeffner in 2060.

Mr. Knight is recognized as being an excellent grandmaster in the game of chess. He supposedly played several matches against Dunkelzahn even winning on occasion.

Damien Knight is currently the most eligible bachelor of the UCAS.

Damien Knight

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