Diego Coyoatiqle

Head of Aztechnology North's Genetic Research Division


Diego is an Aztlan-born elf with blue, and blonde hair going gray. His Mayan nose and darker skin are the major signifiers of his ethnic background as opposed to the high elf blood that makes him somewhat more Caucasoid.

He wears a great deal of traditional Aztec and Mayan jewelry as a sign of deference to the culture that is much more interested in his allegiance to the state of Aztlan than the morphology of his ears.


Born in what was then Mexico City in 2001, one of the “spike babies” of that chaotic time, Diego was raised by human parents and began work for Aztechnology back when it was still ORO.

He excelled as a project manager and rose through the ranks slowly but steadily until capping out at the head of Genetic research for Aztechnology North. There he headed up some of the megacorp’s most controversial ventures (though not the infamous Project Bloodline).

This made him Mala’s boss for many years, an odious task for him, given the desire to not upset the scientist’s influential mother, Aztechnology boardmember, Tianna Sarcassa.

Diego Coyoatiqle

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