Dr. Object

Ashleigh's Terrifying Medical Arachnid


Ashleigh Grey refers to her medical arachnid as Dr. Object. This walker drone is heavily armored, capable of wading into a firefight to pick up a wounded, armored combatant and drag them to safety. It also contains an emergency surgical suite, though Ashleigh lacks the medical expertise to use it for anything other than basic first aid. Dr. Object is also fairly large, about the size of a suitcase even when folded, and as tall as a man when deployed.


Like all of Ashleigh’s drones, Dr. Object has sophisticated enough programming to give the impression of a personality. In the case of Dr. Object, this personality is reminiscent of a large, overly friendly dog. It has a tendency to brush up against friendlies when not directly controlled (a side effect of its programming to shield them from harm with its armored bulk) and “paw” them in a manner that would be much more friendly if it were made of flesh and fur instead of steel and ceramic.

Dr. Object

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