Gemma "Echo" Reade

Supposedly Geeked Decker Seeking to Restore her Rep


Basic Stats

Female Human
33 years old
145 lbs


(assuming 0-7, total of 14 points to spend)
Physical: 3
Mental: 5
Tech: 6
Magic: 0

Physical Specialties

  • small arms
  • matrix jack

Mental Specialities

  • charm
  • street knowledge
  • fence

Tech Specialties

  • disable security
  • hack corporation


  • Eyes
  • Cybernetic Arm (left) with CDA, retractable screen
  • Cybernetic replacement



Gemma Reade (born Katran Hyland on 4 August 2044) was born into a poor family in Renton.

Her parents ran a pawn shop, and Gemma spent her childhood tinkering with technology and cybernetics that had been pawned. Her parents recognized a preternatural talent, and worked to get her a datajack for her 10th birthday. She took to the Matrix like a fish to water, and within a few years had created an online system , and earned her first handle: Athena

Simultaneously, she started to use her skills at hacking into security systems to build a portfolio to start applying to corporations — seen as the only way out of the slums at that point. She was recruited at 16, by Starbucks-Monsanto, and rose up the ranks rather quickly.

A few months after her 20th birthday, Crash 2.0 shook her world. Her parents were killed by a derailed train, and in the next few months, she stumbled upon information in her work for Starbucks-Monsanto that revealed that they took an active backseat after the Crash to protect their profits. Horrified by this information, she reached back out to the Matrix and started looking for a place to shop around insider information.

After receiving offers from fences representing other Megacorporations, she forged a new path, selling information to the Shadownode. While skilled at breaking into data and leaving no trace, Gemma was no match for the IC systems of Starbucks-Monsanto. 5 years in, she had uncovered a particularly damning piece of information on S-M, but as she dug deeper, she encontered a motherlode of IC, which destroyed her cyberdeck, shorted out her jack, which cause third-degree burns on her neck, and (to add insult to injury), sent out a virus into the Matrix under her handle.

A few days later, a security force at the behest of S-M broke into her apartment, knocked her unconscious, beat her up, and abducted her boyfriend. The wounds were so bad that her arm was amputated at the upper arm, and she used most of her savings to acquire cybernetic replacements. The one on her arm has an integrated screen and has some excellent synthskin, but she kept the neck cybernetics visible as a reminder to herself.

She refers to this incident — when she does at all — as the Accident. She has not heard from her boyfriend since then, and presumes he is dead.

After the cybernetics were installed, she changed her identity and spent six years on the run, moving from place to place, trying to evade S-M and attempting to disappear into Everett. Three years ago, she found Sheriffstown, where she’s lived ever since, doing odd jobs around town and introducing herself as Echo. She has officially retired from shadowrunning, but has been convinced by Bart Coppershield to start again.

Gemma "Echo" Reade

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