Ethan Ironspindle

A Security Officer for Hatsuishi Robotics


Ethan Ironspindle was a new recruit for Hatsuishi Robotics around the same time as Ashleigh. He comes from an SMG family and was expected to join when he came of age. He opted to go into extra-territorial military service, and cut his teeth fighting as a LoneStar enforcer during a border dispute between the Pueblo Nation and the CAS. He returned to his native Seattle, a bit more jaded, and a bit slower, but found security work more to his taste.

When Ashleigh knew him, he was grim and dour, but they saw eye to eye on the the embarrassing wealth of most Hatsuishi upper brass. He also was the only member of the team who supported Ashleigh’s decision to leave after the ILF attack that left a number of civilians dead and many more homeless.

Ethan Ironspindle

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