Jackson Holloway

Seattle Nightly News Anchor


Jackson Holloway is blonde, tall and somewhat handsome for an ork. He has a serious, no-nonsense cast that has made him credible with Seattle citizens, and even his large tusks are increasingly endearing.

He wires wire rimmed glasses that give him the look of a focused and inquisitive intellectual.


Jackson Holloway (b. 2032) is the newscaster for Horizon’s Seattle local news affiliated Seattle Nightly News. He became the first UCAS-based news anchor of Orkish descent five years ago, when his investigative journalism for Horizon-Googleplex’s Northwest affiliates earned him a peabody award. Since then he has attempted to cover the news with the gravitas of a elderstatesman—the Walter Cronchite—or at least Anderson Cooper of his time. The result has been mixed. While he is known as a cutting and incisive interviewer, he also is no longer able to do the kind of investigative journalism he was used to, and the Seattle Nightly News, though ubiquitous and prestigious, has its fair share of celebrity fluff stories and infotainment.

He is, however, a very respected figure in a wide-swath of communities, including human ones. That said, Horizon offers a separate news channel in Renton where the Humanis Policlub pressence makes it financial suicide to have a metahuman anchor.

Jackson Holloway

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