Javier San Jacinto

Cheonji's Business Manager


Javier is 31, stout for an ork, and clean shaven with a bit of the stereotypical “greenish” skin. His mouth full of sharp teeth and tusks give him a bit of a speech impediment which has worked to his advantage, making him seem comical rather than scary.


Javier, or Xav to his friends, is an Orkish accountant from San Francisco. He moved to Seattle to avoid some of the anti-ork racism in California, but didn’t find his situation much improved. His status as a CPA is less useful given people’s fear of letting Orks handle their money. But he found a kind reception in Mala Sarcassa who took him on as the business manager for Cheonji. He does good work for the clinic and is perhaps the only thing keeping it open. Given the lack of business experience that Mala and Dr. Andover suffer from.

Though his job at the clinic pays poorly, and incredibly poorly compared to a similar corporate job, Javier seems to enjoy the work, and knows how difficult it would be to find another job for which his metahuman nature wouldn’t be an intractable obstacle.

Though Mala has never been anything but friendly to Javier, he can’t help but be at least partially suspicious of her. Though he has pressed her about it numerous times, Mala has never given him a straight answer about where their operating budget comes from, and she has a tendency to disappear for days at a time. Nevertheless, he still admires her mission, and the unbridled conviction she displays, if not her business acumen.

Javier San Jacinto

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