Julius II

Ashleigh's Hunter Drone


Julius II (pronounced Julius Two) is Ashleigh Grey’s hunter drone, a quad-rotor weapons platform that mounts a GE Vindicator minigun, a light machine gun with the ability to sustain automatic fire for longer than a single-barreled weapon. Julius II is a large drone, about the size of a full-size bed, but its four ducted rotors give it a high degree of maneuverability and the ability to stay airborne in tight environments.

Built for stability rather than speed, Julius II has a top speed of about 40 mph. It has a set of landing legs, though it cannot walk. It is also fairly heavily armored, able to engage in serious combat against small arms and survive near-misses from man-portable explosives.

While many hunter drones mount two guns, Julius II mounts one, with ammunition hoppers for several different types of ammunitions. While Ashleigh does not always have the resources for different types of ammunition, she ideally likes to have a hopper of stick-n-shock rounds, as well as APDS and explosive rounds when available.


Julius II is designed to provide fire support in urban environments. Like all of Ashleigh’s drones, Julius II has sophisticated enough programming to give the impression of a personality. It is a fairly good shot, smart enough to identify and seek cover when under fire, and just as capable of giving suppressive fire as firing aimed single shots. Julius II’s most notable “personality” quirk is due to an apparent glitch in its ability to distinguish living from neutralized targets; as a result, it has a tendency to overkill enemies. It continues to fire on wounded enemies – even mortally wounded enemies – and has also been known to mutilate corpses with bursts of automatic fire, even after a firefight is over.

Julius II

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