Lincoln Andover

Mala's Cybernetic Doctor Specialist


Lincoln is tall and gangly, 6’4 with toffee colored skin, brown eyes and a small goatee. He keeps his hair close crops, and has cybernetic Surgical Aid sensors in his eyes, though they are well hidden. He also sports am arm mounted smartlink system for the surgical power glove that he uses for work.

He dresses professionally for his job in non-descript green scrubs, but quite often dresses up for his nights on the town: silk shirts, tailored slacks and two-tone shoes. His comforts are few, but they are well heavily invested in.


At twenty eight, Lincoln is one of the youngest people to earn a doctorate in the field of cybernetic medicine. His staunch political opposition to corporate run hospitals kept him blacklisted from all major medical organizations and institutions in the Seattle Metroplex and was forced as a result to work atMala Sarcassa’s clinic in Everett.

Lincoln was born into relative wealth in the Disney Gardens Arcology in Bellevue. His parents were both successful lawyers for the corporation and he was expected to work for the Megacorp in some way shape or form. When he decided to pursue a medical degree at U Dub, his family and corporate handlers were thrilled but it was not to last. He spent a great deal of his residency tending to shellshocked cyber-soldiers back from the jungles of the Southeast Asian War Zone. It instilled in him a profound awareness of his own privilege and the complete inhumanity afforded poor cyborgs. After receiving his degree and being offered jobs at Disney, Starbucks-Monsanto, Shi Jin Tsao and Federated Boeing, Lincoln earned his reputation as a firebrand activist, turning them all down, and inviting the corporate world to blacklist him.

Though he is not entirely estranged from his family, he is no longer welcome in in any corporate arcologies, so he sees them rarely, and their disappointment is hard for them to mask. He found work last year at Mala Sarcassa’s clinic, in Everett, finding a cheap apartment owned by the local CNP chapter.

He disagrees vehemently with Sarcassa’s taoist leanings, which he sees as a kind of passionless resignation. That said he believes fully in her project and has made the clinic a space where cybernetically enhanced gangers, downtrodden and other non-corporate types can get affordable emergency services, maintenance and diagnostics.

Lincoln Andover

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