Marco Feretti

Void's research partner at Hatsuishi


Marco is 36, 5’8, with dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin. He has a stocky build and an energetic if slightly anxious nature


Marco is an employee of Hatsuishi robotics, having graduated from Stanford with a PhD in Applied computer science in 2070. He and Hyperion Void both worked on Project SugarPlum for the last eight years, with Marco providing most of the AI’s nanotech sensors.

He alone, is aware of SugarPlum’s sentience, a fact that he and Hyperion want to keep from upper management lest SugarPlum be destroyed or taken from them.

He is a resident of Everett, living in the Hatsuishi Enclave, though he and Hyperion have a private lab in Auburn, where they process data that they prefer the corporation not to know about.

Marco Feretti

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