Mr. Drake

CEO of Drake Towers, Anti-Runner Security Pioneer


Drake was a 100 foot red dragon, one of the oldest and most powerful wyrms in existence.


The founder of Drake Towers, and pioneer of the Anti-Runner securities industry, Mr. Drake was an incredibly powerful free agent in the Seattle of the 2030s and 40s. His vision of an agency that specifically hunted shadowrunners with similar recruitment techniques and tactics. Drake Towers was the manifestation of that vision and proved a plague on running for nearly two decades.

After his agents failed to kill Jake Armitage, and the legendary shaman runner returned, seemingly from the dead, Drake’s days were numbered. He was killed by Armitage with help from the mercurial Jester spirit Laughlyn.

In the aftermath of his death and the PR nightmare of the Aneki Run Disaster, the council of dragons decided that his actions were not conducive to the positive image of dragons around the world and condemned him as a traitor to the species.

As with all Dragons, his body turned to stone upon his death, but it was never recovered from his volcanic lair in Mt. Rainier and its whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

Mr. Drake

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