Mr. Wincott

Head of Security for Hatsuishi Robotics


Pushing 50 and balding in such a way that gives him a dramatic widow’s peak. Mr. Wincott has features that are reminiscent of a handsome leading man in the ’ractives, but he is too grizzled to be read as anything but unpleasant. Aside from some tattoos that belie a punk past, Wincott is mainly distinguished by his cyber-eye. No doubt loaded with smartlink software and scanners, it glows a dull orange.


If Wincott ever had a first name, certainly neither Ashleigh or Hyperion ever learned it. Rumor had it he was a Knight Errant enforcer before being hired on full time as Hatsuishi’s head of security. His reputation was one for brutality and no small amount of pleasure in the bloody business of his job.

Ashleigh served him in her capacity as in-house rigger but never learned much about his past that didn’t come in the form of rumors around the break-room. Chief among them, Wincott was thought to have been dismissed from Knight Errant for wearing his gear while off-duty in order to make some extra money in human trafficking. While the details that he was the head of a metahumanity slaver operation, stink of hyperbole, he does strike people as the kind of person not above using his position to make some extra scratch.

Certainly his familiarity with assault rifles, plate armor and jetpacks do nothing to dispel the idea that he was somehow connected with Knight Errant. Anything about his family or personal life was a matter of pure speculation.

Wincott was killed by Ashleigh during a run at Hatsuishi Robotcs alongside most of his team.

Mr. Wincott

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