Nicolette Renaud

an embittered Spider shaman


Female Elf
29 years old
130 lbs

Nicolette is a slender female elf, dressed in untidy garments that were fashionable five years ago. She does not appear to own any clothes that are not black.

Physical 3
Mental 4
Magic 5
Tech 2

Physical Specialties:
Sneak, Climb, Dodge

Mental Specialties:
Spot, Research, Odd Navigation (e.g. sewers, rooftops, etc.), Networking (like with criminal contacts, not like with computers)

Magic Specialties:
Summon Spirits, Entangle, Poisonbolt, Invisibility, Detect Life

Tech Specialties:
Disable Security, Encryption

Itsy Bitsy is an enormous fuzzy tarantula spirit that follows Nicolette around. It’s fond of eating rats and listening to opera.


Nicolette Renaud’s life started out entirely normally. She was born in Seattle, went to school like anyone else, and upon graduating from a local college, she was hired by Renraku to do a mundane job in their HR department. But as jobs went, it wasn’t very interesting, and it didn’t pay very well, and she had the boss from hell, so, when Mitsuhama offered her the opportunity to be paid a little extra, she jumped at it. All she had to do was occasionally copy certain personnel records of interest from Renraku’s servers, and send them Mitsuhama’s way. It seemed low-risk enough to her, and Mitsuhama was paying her very well for her work. At the time Nicolette was young and naive and assumed that, if the shit ever hit the fan, Mitsuhama would make sure that nothing happened to their loyal spy.

Predictably, eventually her activities were discovered, and just as predictably, Mitsuhama turned their back on her, and she went to jail. Her sentence wasn’t particularly long or onerous, but having a criminal record (and the accompanying criminal SIN) essentially ended her career in legitimate business. Her family saw her as an embarrassment and cut off all contact with her. Nicolette retreated into the seedier parts of Seattle and tried to figure out what to do with herself. She worked odd jobs here and there, barely managing to keep herself afloat. And she grew angry. Not because she thought that what had happened to her was unusual, but because she knew that it wasn’t. She was angry with herself for being so naive, and angry with the corps for taking advantage of that.

Her anger, it seems, caught the attention of Spider, who called her to awaken as one of its shaman. As an Awakened mage, she had many more opportunities, even with her criminal background. Shadowrunning was the logical next career step, and she took it without looking back.

Nicolette Renaud

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