Ashleigh's Spyfly


Oracle is Ashleigh Grey‘s spyfly, or surveillance drone. It is larger than popular insect-sized spyflies, but also more capable in many ways. Designed by Hyperion Void for use by Hatsuishi Robotics’ security forces, Oracle contains ultrasonic and thermographic as well as visual-spectrum sensors and remain in the air for days at a time. Oracle’s flight mechanics are very similar to those of a bat, so it cannot hover like an insectiform spyfly, but it can circle for a long time, and fly up to 60 mph (through doing so drains its fuel cells at a fairly high rate).

In addition to its sensors, Oracle’s software is sophisticated enough to pick out individuals from a crowd based on their appearance and behavior, and follow them.


Like all of Ashleigh’s drones, Oracle has sophisticated enough programming to give the impression of a personality. Of all of Ashleigh’s drones, Oracle’s programming has the fewest quirky side effects; when not directly controlled, Oracle is a patient huntress, keen to identify targets but content to tail them.


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