Arms Dealer and Fence


Porcelain is perhaps the most human looking ork you’ve ever encountered, very small tusks, lightly built, with only he slightest suggestion of a pug nose and soft, almost human skin—no doubt where she gets her name from.

Her features are somewhat dimmed by a sad, defeated countenance that absorbs her. It might have something to do with the chip jack in her shoulder.


Porcelain is the resident fence in Sherriffstown. A hopeless chiphead, she used sims to process business requests and live out an exciting virtual life as a 1940s gun-runner. It’s a dangerous practice but it has undoubtedly made her better at her job and the community can’t afford to do things correctly.

As she drifts further and further into simmy oblivion, the people of Sherriffstown are increasingly concerned, but there isn’t a trustworthy replacement.


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