St. Nicholas

Ashleigh's Steel Lynx


St. Nicholas is a miniature version of a Steel Lynx model drone. St. Nick is designed for espionage and theft, about the size of a breadbox in storage mode and about the size of a small backpack when deployed. It contains a set of fine manipulator claws capable of grabbing and suctioning, a short-range laser cutter, and a sophisticated electronic lockpick. It has silenced wheels for locomotion, but its modified tires allow it to climb vertical walls at a slow speed. On a perfectly flat surface, it can move quite fast, about 40 mph.

As a variant of the Steel Lynx series of combat drones, St. Nick is reasonably tough for its size, but it is by no means a combat drone any longer. Its ceramic armor can withstand several direct hits from small arms, but sustained fire will destroy it.


Like all of Ashleigh Grey’s drones, St. Nicholas has sophisticated enough programming to give the impression of a personality. When not directly controlled, St. Nicholas has behavior reminiscent of a curious cat, forever picking up small articles and placing them in its storage compartment, picking locks, and occasionally using its laser cutter to attempt to cut through inappropriate obstacles such as furniture. Also like a cat, St. Nicholas is skittish about danger, and sublimely oblivious to verbal meta-human instructions.

St. Nicholas

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