Takahashi Mitsuo

Project Manager for Hatsuishi Robotics


Polite, obsequious and unctuous to a fault, Mr. Takahashi is in his late 30s, pasty and tending towards obesity, with large lips, and a shit eating grin. He dresses in dark, poorly tailored suits, except on casual Fridays when he sports a rather flamboyant collection of hawaiian shirts and vaguely sexist novelty ties.


Mitsuo was born in Yokohama, Japan in 2039. His father worked for Takahashi Analytics and their family lived in a corporate arcology, meaning he never considered not going to work for the megacorp. His skill with Artificial Intelligences has led him to rise up the ladder of Hatsuishi Robotics, eventually settling as a project manager in the AI division, making him Hyperion Void’s boss.

Recently, he was the middleman responsible for handing Void and Ferretti the bad news that Project SugarPlum was being shut down. His manner is smarmy enough that it’s hard to tell if he took any pleasure in doing so, or is just another messenger of bad corporate news.

Takahashi Mitsuo

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