Tianna Sarcassa

Aztechnology Board Member / Mala's Mother


Born Tatiana Polzchek (March 5, 1979), Tianna’s name is an elvenization of her married name Tatiana Sark.
She grew up in Bellingham, WA and attended Reed College in 1997 where she met her future husband, Val Sarker. She went on to receive an MBA at the University of Portland, and began working her way up the corporate ladder at Maritech Industries—an undersea mining company, eventually becoming COO in 2018

In her late twenties, she and her husband attempted to have children no less than six times, each one ending in a miscarriage. Her own parents blamed the stress of her corporate ambitions, and her friends felt it was about being under-supported by her husband. This changed in 2013, when, just post UGE, she and Valo conceived and the result was Mala.

The miracle birth of a Dryad made the Sarcassas instant celebrities in the Elven community and they were invited by the newly crowned Princes of Tir Tairngire (then just a social club) to present Mala at court. Their recommendation, along with the buyout of Maritech industries by the newly minted Aztechnology in 2022, catapulted her to corporate stardom. She became a member of the board of Aztechnology Northwest and she and her family moved to the Unziggurat in Seattle to be closer to the corporate headquarters.

She has worked there ever since, seeing human CEOs rise and fall, age and die while she, immortal, is content to be a portion of the power behind the golden throne. Mala’s defection from the company hit Tianna very hard, but rather than breaking her spirit, it tightened her resolve to redouble her loyalty to her company. She has not spoken with her daughter since the defection.

She is currently a very public figure, something of an elven role model who, even at 98 (though she doesn’t look a day over 50) is considered relevant, powerful and self-made. Her friendship with High Prince Allevandriel Slythenielle, who ascended to the Tir Tairngire throne after the death of Lugh Surehand, has made her a popular speculative choice for political office in the Elven Nation—though she categorically denies all rumors and has never harbored any ambitions that weren’t corporate.

Tianna Sarcassa

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