AAA Megacorporations

These 11 corporations are the world’s largest and sit on the board of the Corporate Court, a ruling body (much like the 20th century United Nations) that decides upon rules and regulations for all multinational corporations. Though they are rarely directly at odds, there is no love lost between any of them.

Ares Macrotechnology- Detroit based manufacturing of automobiles, steel, arms and the re-burgeoning space industry.

Aztechnology- Based out of Aztlan (Formerly Mexico), the brain-child of Juan Atzcapotzalco, specializing in consumer chemistry and high magic solutions.

BACP (British Arabian Confederate Petroluem)- The world’s leading petroleum and Oil Tycoon that emerged out of the late 20th century company, BP. Still based in London though it has major branches in Kuwait City and New Orleans.

Evo- A Shipping and Infrastructure giant based out of Shanghai.

Horizon-Googleplex- An internet and media conglomeration of cable giant, Horizon New Media and the Googleplex, a dotcom monopoly that fused Google, Facebook, Verizon NeoNET, and Sprint. Based in Silicon Valley, New California Republic.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies- A Japanese Yakuza-funded money-laundering corporation at first that later expanded into computers and personal finance.

Renraku Computer Systems- Computer and Arms producing giant from Japan.

Saeder-Krupp- Formerly BMW, Saeder-Krupp is a German manufacturing giant specializing in automobiles, industrial goods, and communications. Its majority shareholder and chair, is a Dragon.

Shi Jin Tsao Corporation- One of the oldest corporations in the world, dating back to mid 18th century China and the first British contact with the east. It is still owned by the Shi family, and was among the first to argue for corporate sovereignty. It specializes in Corporate Banking. It is based in Hong Kong.

Starbucks-Monsanto Biotechnologies- A Seattle local company, its former focus on coffee, expanded into genetically modified foods with the acquisition of Monsanto in the 2010’s. From there it became a major supplier of food for impoverished nations. Being a Seattle based company it enjoys special privileges in its home state.

AAA Megacorporations

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