Aneki Run Disaster

Aneki_Run_Disaster.jpgIn 2050, Jake Armitage, a small time runner working as a courier had a piece of Anti-AI malware inserted into his cyberdeck. He was supposed to take the malware from Sasha Raitsov, a robotics researcher for Aneki Systems to his old colleague and sometimes rival, Boris Pushkin, in an attempt to keep Renraku from gaining control of the world’s first wholly autonomous, unshackled AI.

En route to the rendezvous with Pushkin, Armitage was attacked by gangers hired by the corporate anti-runner security pioneer, Mr. Drake. Though he was rescued by the fox shaman, Kitsune, Armitage was declared brain dead and put in the morgue.

When we awoke, he had a localized amnesia and set about attempting to recover his memory. Over the course of months, he not only rediscovered his memory but was able to assassinate Drake, deliver the malware to Pushkin, and destroy the AI at Aneki systems (then a subsidiary of Renraku) using the malware, all while leaving a trail of bodies across Auburn, Redmond Barrens, Seattle Downtown, Bremerton, and Mount Rainier.

The incident was considered such an overwhelming disaster for the corporate world that it led to a crackdown on Runners for five years subsequent, imposed new draconian laws on anti-corporate free speech and utterly destroyed Aneki Systems (which was shut down by Renraku and absorbed into the company proper). It also drove Armitage into hiding and caused a convening of the council of Dragons to discuss their role in public affairs and unilaterally condemn Drake’s over-reach.

It remains on of the persistent legends of the Runner world and horror stories of the corporate system: the run to end all runs.

Aneki Run Disaster

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