Portland is the capital of Tir Tairngire. The Sperethiel name for the city is Cara’sir. Until about 2060, Portland served as a buffer between Tir Tairngire and the rest of the world. All trade to the nation was funneled through Portland. Portland was the only city non-citizens were allowed to visit. To keep any foreign interests in Portland from influencing the rest of the country, the government built the Wall to isolate the city.
With the Treaty of Denver in 2018, Portland changed hands from the state of Oregon in the old United States of America to the Salish-Shidhe Council. Lugh Surehand was the first mayor of Portland in the new nation. Because of the expulsion of all non Amerindians, the city became severely depopulated. However, starting in 2031. Aithne Oakforest, Sean Laverty, and Lugh Surehand encouraged elven immigration, By 2034, Portland was at a population of one million. On May 1, 2035, Lugh Surehand announced the formation of Tir Tairngire using communication facilities in Portland. Tir Tairngire’s initial capital was Salem, but Portland was acknowledged as the center of trade. The Council of Princes decided in 2036 that foreign trade into Tir Tairngire would enter through Portland, resulting in the construction of the Wall in 2037. Soon afterwards, Portland became the capital. The city went through an economic boom in the 2040s, due to its “free port” status. However, in 2052, the Council of Princes decided to make Seattle the main port for trade coming into the Tir. Foreign goods are offloaded at SeaTac airport or the Seattle docks and then transported overload to Portland, where they are then dispersed. Portland is a bastion of the Rinelle ke’Tesrae movement.

Portland is organized into the North, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast Precincts.

The Wall
The Wall surrounded Portland. It was ten meters high and one meter thick. The major entrances through the Wall were Multnomah Gate, Sunnyside Gate, Sunset Gate, “Checkpoint Charlie”, and the Williamette River Lock. Tir Tairngire was unable to spend the money to maintain the Wall, so most of the electronic surveillance no longer functioned. Rinelle ke’Tesrae had also created several holes in the Wall and developed smuggling routes through it.

More recently the relative democratization of Tir Tairngire has led to the taking down of the Wall. Outsiders may now more readily come and go from the Tir.

Royal Hill
Royal Hill is a region west of Portland. Many of the Council of Princes and the upper classes live here. Knight Errant provided security until the assassination of Lugh Surehand, who now. The most prominent feature is Royal Hill, a 250 meter tall hill that didn’t exist before 2037. The Royal Palace, the home and office of the High Prince, sits atop.


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