Character Creation

Every character is defined by 4 statistics, ranging from 0 to 7: Physical, Mental, Magic, and Tech. When creating a character, you have 14 points to spend across the 4 stats.

0 represents almost a complete lack of that ability (quadriplegia, profound mental retardation) while a 7 represents being competitive on a worldwide level. 3 is average for human beings for Physical and Mental, while Tech and Magic vary widely.

Physical: Covers all aspects of using your body to accomplish the task set before you. Physical is the combination of strength, agility, and endurance, and covers virtually all combat skills.
A 0 Physical represents someone with almost no muscle functionality, while a 7 Physical would represent a consistently Olympic level athlete.

Mental: Covers your total knowledge base, raw processing power, and social ability. Mental is the combination of intelligence, perception, and charisma.
A 0 Mental represents someone who is virtually catatonic, while a 7 Mental would represent a scientist capable of winning a Nobel prize on the strength of his/her individual work.

Magic: Covers your magical aptitude, spells, if known, and sensitivity to the workings of the Astral Plane.
A 0 Magic represents someone with absolutely no magical affinity, or sensitivity, who is almost entirely ignorant of the fundamental underpinnings of magic, while a 7 represents someone who would be in the top 5-10% of Magic Users world wide.

Tech: Covers your ability to navigate the matrix, operate technology, and your own body’s level of cybernetic enhancement.
A 0 Tech represents someone who is entirely technologically illiterate, barely able to reload a Cred Stick for a financial transaction, while a 7 represents a world class decker, for whom everything but the most inner core of a Megacorp is easy pickings.

For every point your character has in a statistic, he/she/it receives 1 specialisation. These specialisations represent a specific subset of the stat that you are particularly good at.
Example specialisations:
● Physical: ­ Small Arms, Deadlift, Shock Resistance, Sneak, Lockpicking
● Mental:­ Knowledge: Local Politics, Spot, Charm, Sense Motive, Biology
● Tech:­ Automotive Mechanic, Gunsmithy, Disable Security, Vehicle Gunnery, Artificial
● Magic:­ Fireball, Shape Plants, Detect Life, Probe Thoughts

Whenever your character attempts an action for which the outcome is unclear, your relevant statistic is compared to the difficulty/statistic of the opposing force.

The Deck:
There are no dice in Blackstone Rising. The only element of random chance is contained in a deck of cards. At the beginning of the game, you are dealt 4 cards from a deck, spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds, (low) A through ­7.

At any time, when a player is attempting an action the outcome of which is uncertain, he/she may play a card. For that one action, his/her character’s relevant statistic is increased by the value of the card. The DM also has a hand of cards, which may be used to increase the difficulty of challenges.

When a player or the DM plays a card with an action, it is considered to represent a heroic effort on behalf of that character. Except in very rare circumstances, any time one party plays a card and the other does not, the party playing the card trumps the other party, and succeeds automatically. However, each stat has an associated suit:
● Hearts ­- Physical
● Mental ­- Diamond
● Tech ­- Clubs
● Magic -­ Spades

If both parties play a card, then the higher combined total wins. However, much in the same way that playing a card trumps not playing a card, whatever the value, if one party plays a card which suit matches the statistic that is being used, that card trumps the opponent. If both parties play on suit cards, the higher combined total wins.

No card loses to off­suit card loses to on­suit card.

Specialisations and Cards:
When a character takes an action in which he/she/it has a specialisation, they are considered to be playing an off­suit card even when they don’t play a card, and any card they do play is considered to be on­suit.

Drawing New Cards
You start off with 4 cards, and draw new cards entirely up to the DM’s discretion, but generally, you draw new cards during downtime, between sessions, and as a reward for particularly exceptional plays. When you draw new cards, if you have your maximum (4), you may draw a new card, then choose which to discard.

4 stats: Physical, Mental, Tech, Magic 0-­7
14 points to spend, 3 is average
1 Specialisation per point
When checking skills, on­suit card trumps off­suit card trumps no card.
4 cards hand max

Character Creation

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