Cosa Nostra Perestroika

The CNP is a highly organized mafia organization born from the Union of the Sicilian and Russian mobs. Ironically, their power in Europe is on the wane, as many of their traditional strongholds: Palermo, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh, and Kiev have fallen to to more authoritarian powers.

They retain most of their UCAS traditional loci: Boston, New York, Trenton and Toronto, as well as strong presences in formerly the American and Canadian cities of Los Angeles, Montreal, San Francisco, Dallas and Atlanta.

In Seattle, they are forced to compete heavily for turf with the Yakuza, various Seoulpas, and half a dozen major Triads. Their size and hold on North America ensures enough infrastructure to remain relevant without too much bloodshed, but they have, for example ceded most of Tacoma to the Yakuza, in exchange for most of Everett (though both organizations have a presence in both districts). There is some vertical differentiation as well. The CNP is much more involved with the black market drug trade and providing muscle, as opposed to the Yakuza’s monopoly on gambling and sex slavery.

While it is true that most of the higher ups in the CNP claim some Italian or Russian heritage, it is a bit of a misconception that the mob is entirely made up of such ethnic tensions. People of all races and ethnicities fall in with the mob, and a CNP front is just as likely to be a sushi bar as a pizza place.

Seattle Mafiosos of Note
Yuri Glutman
Kenshi Anvoglio

Cosa Nostra Perestroika

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