Hatsuishi Robotics

robotics_logo.JPGHatsuishi Robotics is a medium sized multi-national corporation that makes a number of models of combat robots. They are based in Okinawa, but have a large manufacturing plant and robotics lab adjacent to the Everett docks. Because of the nature of their research, they are a frequent target for gangers looking for new tech or runners trying to sabotage the military industrial complex.

Hyperion Void has worked there in the lab, designing new and powerful forms of AI.

Additionally Ashleigh Grey was formerly a member of their security team.

Hatsuishi_dock_exterior.jpgHatsuishi’s dockside location in Everett has certainly given it ties to the mob, for whom the waterfront is a great source of illegal and semi-legal commerce. As a result Hatsuishi, despite being Japanese in origin and certainly being Yakuza sympathetic back home, treats almost exclusively with the CNP in Seattle (The Yakuza having more influence in Tacoma than Everett.

Currently, Hatsuishi’s office in Seattle is mostly lab-space with attendant offices for supporting those labs. The three major areas of research are Robotic locomotion, robotic visual processing systems and a nanotech lab which is doing state of the art sensory probes. While there are more than ten active projects in this branch, Project SugarPlum is considered the best of these: a combination project that utilizes motion, nanotech and traditional robot optics to create a robot capable of mimicking dance.

The project manager and defacto head of the Seattle branch is Mitsuo Takahashi, a former AI specialist. Their head of security is an ex-Knight Errant Mercenary named Wincott

Hatsuishi Robotics

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