Project SugarPlum

Project SugarPlum is a combination nanotechnology and digital intelligence research project at Hatsuishi Robotics. Run by Dr. Marco Feretti and Dr. Hyperion Void, the project is conceived of as a test run for both nanotechnological input sensors developed by Dr. Feretti, and reactive environmental knowledge building by Dr. Void. The eccentricity (and perhaps no small part of romantic idealism) of the pair has led them to devise a robotic intelligence which takes in information on movement and aesthetic performance, and then uses that massive amount of data to devise aesthetically pleasing routines of its own.

The robot (called SugarPlum—for obvious reasons) is expected to be able to understand the subtleties of performance and then create non-derivative routines of its own, thereby demonstrating its capacity for sentiment.

Though the project was conceived of with only the smallest amount of artificial intelligence interest, over the past ten years, Project SugarPlum has produced SugarPlum, itself, a fully self-aware AI whose capacity for understanding and aesthetic creation surpass all the original parameters of the project.

As of 2077, only Void and Feretti know the true extent of SugarPlum’s self-awareness, fearing that the entity they created will be either destroyed or taken away and repurposed, should Hatuishi discover what they’ve created.

Project SugarPlum

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