Rust Stilettos

The Rust Stilettos are one of the most powerful streetgangs in all of Seattle. Claiming Glow City as their home turf and running rackets throughout most of Redmond and even crossing over into Auburn, Renton, and Everett, the gang is known for brutal tactics, guerilla warfare and an uncomfortable relationship to post-nuclear fallout.

Composed of Orks and Trolls, the members are often horrifically mutated and nigh-on psychotic from their exposure to Glow City radiation and heavy drugs. Despite their violent tendencies, they can be considered a solid source of information on the local neighborhood, and some members even feel a sense of duty to the people of the area. Members of the Rusted Stilettos can be easily identified by their red-denim jackets and occasionally by their shocking mutations.

The primary income of the gang is drugs and they deal heavily in BTLs albeit mostly in the chip trade. Many of the dealers are culled from Touristville and are often humans, even elves, to help the operation look more legitimate.

In combat, the gang relies heavily on their berserkers: gangers so chipped out on their product that they fight to the death and sometimes beyond. They are long-time enemies to the Red Hot Nukes, an equally violent dwarven gang that claims the northwestern parts of Glow City. While the Nukes rely on heavy weapons, the Stilettos like to fight with melee weapons: shock-gloves, vibromatic blades, even improvised clubs and debris.

And then there are the mutations. While most radiation poisoning from Glow City simply gives Rust Stilettos short lives and weak immune systems, occasionally something truly monstrous and useful will emerge. Redmonites tell tales of Rust Stiletto enforcers with giant claws, or multiple fire-breathing heads, or simply trolls of such enormous size that they stride like giants in the ruins. While much of this is conjecture and tall tales, it is definitely true that there are occasionally mutants in Glow City who have developed some kind of exploitable mutation, making them especially valuable to the gang.

Rust Stilettos

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