Treaty of Denver

During the [[ Ghostdance War]] Native American tribesman and non-Indian sympathizers were occupying military bases in all three North American countries. Chastened and wary, the three governments sent representatives to Denver to negotiate with the Ghost Dancers in 2018. Three months later, they had hammered out the Treaty of Denver.

In the treaty, the federal governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico acknowledge the sovereignty of the Native American Nations (NAN) over most of western North America. The document outlined a ten-year population adjustment plan that would relocate all non-Indians off lands belonging to NAN. Provisions included the establishment of reservations for non-tribal peoples and corporations, the maintenance of certain cities (such as Seattle) as extraterritorial extensions of the governments that had formerly claimed that land, and the retention of most of the state of California by the United States.

No one was happy with the Treaty of Denver, but no one had a better solution. The magical capacity of NAN offset the nuclear capacity of the three North American nations, which is why they agreed to give away large portions of their land and wealth. Though the Native Americans had not achieved their goal of removing all others from their homelands, they had regained control over much of it.

Howling Coyote was named the head of the Sovereign Tribal Council, the NAN governing body. Though he found it difficult to mediate among the bickering that now began to plague the various factions, Howling Coyote was probably the only man who could still rally the loyalty of all sides.

Treaty of Denver

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