Blackstone Rising

Act 1, "The Bridge"
Scene 6--Princes and Ghosts

You were apprehended by High Prince Allevandriel‘s flagship, the Surehand’s Honor where most of you were taken to cells while Mala, apparently Elven royalty, had a private audience with the High Prince.

Apparently, the Prince’s son, Orothamir, ever the prodigal, has just dropped off the map. He was supposed to arrive via the Qálqaliɫ but as the ghost, Kaliriel informed you, his door was booby trapped when they attempted to apprehend him. Slythenielle tasked Mala with finding his son and returning him to Tir Tairngire agents in five or six days, a request she could not deny him, though he asked with no small amount of disdain.

The Prince also gave you Kaliriel for use during the mission now that she is no longer able to function as a ghost due to her sister’s death, in part, at Ashleigh‘s hands. Returning to Seattle, Kaliriel brooded and Nicolette got caught up with the situation in Sherriffstown whie Mala and Ashleigh argued over Ash’s substance abuse problems and trigger happy bloodlust. A tense stalemate was reached and you brought Bart up to speed. You are currently weighing options which include talking to tour sponsor Kharmak ibn’Massri, trying to investigate BridgeCorp CFO Ken Solomon, and attempting to locate members of the J-Pop band Monkey Titan Go Go Hai!
It is currently 8:00pm on the evening of the 27th of February, 2077 and you are all exhausted.

Act 1 "The Bridge," Scene 4

It behooves us to lay out some of the broad strokes of what you have discovered so far:

For most of you, it started when Bart Coppershield, a Shadowrunner, took on a run prorposed by Marco Feretti, a nanotech engineer at Hatsuishi Robotics. Feretti had recently absconded with SugarPlum, a sensory robotics experiment and (unbeknonwst to the corporate board) unshackled AI, when his supervisor, Mitsuo Takahashi made it clear that the project was being given away. Feretti suspected foul play of some kind—corporate subterfuge on Takahashi’s part or perhaps something more sinister—and his fears were confirmed when he was immediately tailed and attacked over the weekend, long before Hatsuishi would have realized that Project SugarPlum had been sabotaged at all.

His mission was simple: go to Hatsuishi Robotics local R&D lab alongside SugarPlum and his project mate, robotic movement specialist Hyperion Void, and corrupt all the research into SugarPlum’s nanotech sensors on the corporate server. Ashleigh Grey, a former Hatsuishi private security rigger, was brought along to help bypass physical security, while Echo, a legendary decker, was there to handle things on the electronic side. The run did not go well and it became quickly apparent that Bart was right to hire healing savant Mala Sarcassa to keep people patched up.

There was a small army of private security forces that oughtn’t have been there over the weekend, including the ex-Knight Errant chief security officer, Wincott and his deputy, Marika Landers. In addition to leaving a much higher body count than anticipated, though sparing Ashleigh’s old compatriot, Ethan Ironspindle, Echo soon discovered that there was a secret cache of information tying Takahashi to the mysterious CEO of the asset management firm, BridgeCorp. This Alistair Grough made mention of a long working relationship between himself and Takahashi, having a number of things shipped out under the noses of Hatsuishi’s corporate brass and discussing an upcoming plan for the night of March 5th involving a certain J-Pop concert whose venue had recently been moved.

The correspondance also made mention of a cargo ship called the SSS Qálqaliɫ which had previously made shipments for BridgeCorp, through Takahashi. That self same ship is currently docking again tonight. As a result, Mala and Hyperion had decided that they will check it out. It is currently the evening of Sunday, February 21st, 2077. You are all in good health.

Act I "The Bridge" Scene 2
Milk Run

As Ashleigh, Mala and SugarPlum sit in the server room, anxiously awaiting word from Echo on when it’s safe to make a break for the storeroom, Echo herself finishes downloading a body of encrypted emails hidden from the server they were uploaded to, and Hyperion stares at the still blood gushing corpse of the security officer who tried to kill him, You pause to think back on the events of the past six hours. You were introduced to Mindfuck, a communicatrix who promised you discrete communication on a magical level. You then left to stock up on supplies, introducing Hyperion to local gunsmithy Liz Gregson, and demolition and drone expert, Greg Durman. Meanwhile, Echo acquired some necessary gear from Poldy Melelidaf, Sherrifftown’s itinerant junk salesman. After that you headed to Everett to begin your run. Hyperion was escorted to his lab by an annoyed security officer while Echo, Mala and Ashleigh discovered that the place was crawling with unexpected brass. While Echo hacked the system, ultimately gaining control of the security feeds and disabling the alarm system, the others made their way to the observation deck where they deftly extracted SugarPlum and headed back to the server room to begin the destruction of the research. Things took a turn when Echo tripped some kind of silent alarm looking into a cache of encrypted emails. This seemed to trigger the guard escorting Hyperion to confront him. Hyperion’s attempts to play dumb fell on deaf ears and though the security officer fired a bullet into the back of his head, the gun jammed and backfired, killing her. It is 12:10 on the morning of Monday, February 22nd (Presidents Day), 2077 and with the exception of Echo whose Avatar took serious damage fighting Black IC, the rest of you are, inexplicably, in good health.

Act 1 "The Bridge", Scene 1
Hardware Issues

As you sit around the card table in the Runner Haven basement of the Second Chance Bar, most of you disbelievingly agawk at apparently intelligent black sphere before you, you pause to think back on the events of the last two and a half hours. You arrived at Sherriffstown, a few of you for the first time, and were accosted by some of the neighborhood’s more colorful characters: Mala noted the discomfort of the local law enforcers, some of them barely 15; Ashleigh saw that some of her recon training had been put to good use by her much older protege, Bert; Echo was dismayed to note that nearly everyone seemed to know she was about to come out of retirement; and Hyperion expertly avoided having to speak to a pretty woman who had taken an interest in, at the very least, his drink order. Once settled underneath the bar, Bart, with some assistance from Luther, his trollish bodyuard, played your a trid featuring Hyperion’s research partner, Marco Ferretti. Ferretti detailed his theft of SugarPlum, a sentient dance experience, from their employer, Hatsuishi robotics, after being told that the project was going to be taken away from them. He asked Hyperion to break back into the labs and offices along the Everett docks and have SugarPlum upload the kill code on his now forfeit nanotech research. Doing so would rob Hatsuishi of any sort of access to the dangerous tech and would seal the likely already sealed fates of both scientists working on the spherical intelligence. Bart asked that the runners he had assembled to help Hyperion carry out this task also retrieve for him a prototype cybernetic dog harness and insisted that you would be compensated handsomely by Mr. Ferretti via a dead man’s switch. You spent the next couple hours meeting and slowly coming to accept the reality of SugarPlum, while hashing out how precisely you’d break into Hatsuishi Robotics. With a tripartite plan figured out, you are just now thinking about getting to the offices before the evening is over. It is 4:30pm on the afternoon of Sunday, February 21st, 2077 and you are all in good health.

Blackstone Rising Act I Prologue
Another Run

It has been 65 years since the Awakening, 56 years since Goblinization Day, 13 years since Crash 2.0 and the pace of this madness seems to be accelerating. So it is that you find yourself on the debris-strewn streets of Redmond Barrens, a coded email asking you, in your professional capacity as a Shadowrunner to come to a protected neighborhood in th urban sprawl known as Sherriffstown, to talk business. It is 2pm on the afternoon of Sunday, February 21st, 2077 and setting aside the long term questions of smog based lung infections, magical allergies, and toxic shock from the corrosion of your cybernetics, you are all in good health.

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