Blackstone Rising

Act 1 "The Bridge," Scene 4


It behooves us to lay out some of the broad strokes of what you have discovered so far:

For most of you, it started when Bart Coppershield, a Shadowrunner, took on a run prorposed by Marco Feretti, a nanotech engineer at Hatsuishi Robotics. Feretti had recently absconded with SugarPlum, a sensory robotics experiment and (unbeknonwst to the corporate board) unshackled AI, when his supervisor, Mitsuo Takahashi made it clear that the project was being given away. Feretti suspected foul play of some kind—corporate subterfuge on Takahashi’s part or perhaps something more sinister—and his fears were confirmed when he was immediately tailed and attacked over the weekend, long before Hatsuishi would have realized that Project SugarPlum had been sabotaged at all.

His mission was simple: go to Hatsuishi Robotics local R&D lab alongside SugarPlum and his project mate, robotic movement specialist Hyperion Void, and corrupt all the research into SugarPlum’s nanotech sensors on the corporate server. Ashleigh Grey, a former Hatsuishi private security rigger, was brought along to help bypass physical security, while Echo, a legendary decker, was there to handle things on the electronic side. The run did not go well and it became quickly apparent that Bart was right to hire healing savant Mala Sarcassa to keep people patched up.

There was a small army of private security forces that oughtn’t have been there over the weekend, including the ex-Knight Errant chief security officer, Wincott and his deputy, Marika Landers. In addition to leaving a much higher body count than anticipated, though sparing Ashleigh’s old compatriot, Ethan Ironspindle, Echo soon discovered that there was a secret cache of information tying Takahashi to the mysterious CEO of the asset management firm, BridgeCorp. This Alistair Grough made mention of a long working relationship between himself and Takahashi, having a number of things shipped out under the noses of Hatsuishi’s corporate brass and discussing an upcoming plan for the night of March 5th involving a certain J-Pop concert whose venue had recently been moved.

The correspondance also made mention of a cargo ship called the SSS Qálqaliɫ which had previously made shipments for BridgeCorp, through Takahashi. That self same ship is currently docking again tonight. As a result, Mala and Hyperion had decided that they will check it out. It is currently the evening of Sunday, February 21st, 2077. You are all in good health.


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