BTL Dealer in Touristville


Faulkner is in his mid 20’s, with filthy matted sandy hair and deep bags under his eyes. He coughs incessantly from an ailment he picked up in glow city, and sells chips from a series of clean-room bags he keeps in the pockets of his non-clean-room hoodie.


Faulkner is a chipdealer for the Rust Stilettos who lives on the outskirts of Touristville. One of the few humans that the streetgang employs in order to fence their product, Faulkner is neither mutated, nor does he suffer from a fractured neural makeup like most of his comrades.

Faulkner is known to be among the most vile, sleazy and unsavory of characters, even for a streetgang drug dealer. That said, his product is superior, and the Rust Stiletto control of the BTL market means that his prices are hard to beat. Universally despised, but undeniably necessary, Faulkner is the walking, talking definition of a social parasite.

He’s certainly not above exchanging sex or secrets for drugs (though he takes very little pleasure from anything except having power over others), but never ignores his bottom line. After all, the Rust Stilettos typically take their cut in nuyen, but blood works just as well. His heartlessness is reprehensible, but he is certainly a symptom of a larger problem. WHen you work for a streetgang, you are typically degraded yourself, and any chance to not feel like streetmeat is a blessed relief.

He serves as Ashleigh’s dealer and has known her since she started using. While she endured all manner of power plays and humiliations at his hands, he doesn’t attempt them any more. Though he certainly likes to remind her of the power he had over her. In the end, she’s not that different from any of his clients.


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