Garth Steelcleaver

DocWagon Surgeon in Redmond Barrens


Garth is in his mid 30s, slight, even by Dwarven standards, with a ruddy complexion and short red hair. His hands are large and indelicate and his clothes, work related or not, tend to be covered in ancient bloodstains.


Garth is a former DocWagon responder, turned street surgeon residing in Sherriffstown. His chopshop, Spare Ribs, is the go-to town center for all medical and cybernetic needs. He’s far better at installing hardware than at actual healing, and as a result has something of a bad reputation for providing medical care.

While his skill in installing cybernetics is admirable, he is often limited in his access to high quality parts, resulting in outmoded gear, in need of repair.

Still he’s amiable enough, perhaps unduly so given his success rate.

Garth Steelcleaver

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