Greg Durman

Sherriffstown Security Systems


Rumors swirl around Greg. Some say he was a domestic terrorist back in the UCAS before CAS revolution. Others claim he’s responsible for Dunkelzahn’s assassination—though this is completely ludicrous. He showed up in Sherriffstown about three years ago, SINless and posessing a penchant for rigging and security systems. He’s wired most of the physical defenses of the neighborhood and builds and sells drones to the runners that come through.

He operates out of Second Sights, the gunsmithy run by Beth Gregson. Providing her with a steady stream of black market rare parts in exchange for the warehouse space to make larger drones. As a result of his profession he is one of Ashleigh Gray’s closest allies in Sherriffstown. She has never been able to shine any light on the mystery of his personal life, however.

Greg Durman

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