Blackstone Rising

Act 1, "The Bridge"

Scene 6--Princes and Ghosts

You were apprehended by High Prince Allevandriel‘s flagship, the Surehand’s Honor where most of you were taken to cells while Mala, apparently Elven royalty, had a private audience with the High Prince.

Apparently, the Prince’s son, Orothamir, ever the prodigal, has just dropped off the map. He was supposed to arrive via the Qálqaliɫ but as the ghost, Kaliriel informed you, his door was booby trapped when they attempted to apprehend him. Slythenielle tasked Mala with finding his son and returning him to Tir Tairngire agents in five or six days, a request she could not deny him, though he asked with no small amount of disdain.

The Prince also gave you Kaliriel for use during the mission now that she is no longer able to function as a ghost due to her sister’s death, in part, at Ashleigh‘s hands. Returning to Seattle, Kaliriel brooded and Nicolette got caught up with the situation in Sherriffstown whie Mala and Ashleigh argued over Ash’s substance abuse problems and trigger happy bloodlust. A tense stalemate was reached and you brought Bart up to speed. You are currently weighing options which include talking to tour sponsor Kharmak ibn’Massri, trying to investigate BridgeCorp CFO Ken Solomon, and attempting to locate members of the J-Pop band Monkey Titan Go Go Hai!
It is currently 8:00pm on the evening of the 27th of February, 2077 and you are all exhausted.


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