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  • Smartlink

    A smartlink is the feedback loop circuitry necessary to take full advantage of a smartgun. Targeting information appears on the user's retina or cybereye as a small dot or a cross hairs that corresponds to the smartweapon's current line of fire. Typical …

  • Cortex Bomb

    A cortex bomb is an explosive planted inside a target's skull. It is activated if tampered with, and if it explodes it will naturally kill the bearer. Obviously, this kind of cyberware is highly illegal.

  • Simsense

    Simsense is a multimedia technology based on [[ASIST]] that allows the recording of a person’s experiences and sensory input in a certain situation. Simsense is commonly known for its commercial use in the entertainment industry, as a popular medium for …

  • Dentata

    Generic term for a Cybernetic rape-prevention measure, dentata usually take the form if a pair of retractable, intra-vaginal hypodermic "fangs" attached to a small sac of fast acting, soporific chemicals though some models rely on a pair of electrical …

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