Runner Kits

Only the most destitute runners don’t have some kind of basic kit for surviving a run. These are typically restocked after a mission and can be assumed to be fully functional any time you head out, barring extenuating circumstances.

A typical kit contains:

50’ of synthsilk microfiber rope
A decent knife will cut through it easily, but it holds about 1000 lbs of weight before starting to fray and its self-seeking microfibers make knot tying much more effective. Of course a rope is only as good as the thing you tie it to.

Basic re-breather with two filter swap outs
The large amounts of goggle technology in today’s world makes the traditional gas-mask limiting in terms of eye-wear. As a result, re-breather masks are much more popular. They fit around the nose, mouth and chin and contain a high-tech filter that allows for various airborne toxic substances to be removed before being taken into the lungs. Each filter works for about 10 minutes of continual exposure to toxins before losing its efficacy. A new filter can be popped in without removing the mask.

There are numerous brands of leatherman on the market. The most popular multitool is the Ares Macrotech "Individualist. It’s about four inches long when folded up and contains the following tools: knife blade, reamer, bottle opener, phillips, pinpoint and standard pattern screwdrivers, glass cutter, mag-light, magnifying glass, nail file, scissors, wire stripper, hex key, lockpick, saw, chain breaker, spoke-key, wrench, and toothpick. Nearly all are made of carbon steel, titanium or scratch resistant plas-glass.

Plastic Cuffs
Unfoldable handcuffs that don’t stand up to much torque, but can keep a non-troll, non cyber augmented person held tight. Slightly more durable than zip ties, that come with a maglock keyed to a seperate magnetic device, they don;t need to be cut in order to be removed.

An LED Flashlight
Most decent ones have spot to floodlight adjustable settings, and include an infrared beam. The very top of the line ones are mage-crafted and have Invisilight—illumination specifically tied to one individual and utterly unseeable by anyone else. Those are certainly not in most people’s kits.

A set of Flares
A typical set of five varicolored flares is small enough to be carried in a pocket. Each flare burns about fifteen minutes. Cannot be fired from flareguns.

Even the smallest boltcutters are a bit large to fit in a multitool so a typical runner carries a separate set.

First Aid Kit
It’s incredibly stupid to go into a combat situation without a first aid kit. The basic models contain 3 slap-patches, two disposable syringes of adrenaline, an inhaler with a hit of jazz or cram, an auto-tourniquet band for amputations, a fast acting Analgesix pill

Hands free Radio
Usually small pair of microphones with a patch of spirit gum, easily affixed to the ear and jaw, hands free radios are effective for short bursts of communication but also inceasgingly dangerous for runners to use. Most corporate security picks up chatter rather easily, making it a dead give-away on all but the milkiest of runs. Still an essential item for when things turn sour. Most runners use them but keep off them as much as possible.

Blackout gloves
While many runners wear leather gloves with built in grips and the like, simple, effective blackout gloves are also available. Made of a lightweight plastic material that is porous, breathes amazingly easily and adheres to skin, blackout gloves serve the function of most gloves, that is, to prevent fingerprints and DNA samples from being left on objects one manipulates with ones hands. Unlike gloves, however, they allow for complete dexterity and range of motion, don’t get sweaty, don’t block electrical signals—allowing for the operation of touchscreen technology, and are cheap and disposable. The main disadvantage of blackout gloves is their porous fibers which provide no temperature, or chemical protection when handling dangerous materials.

Short-range taser
Not so very different from a modern day taser pistol, the short-range taser fires twenty feet of electrical cable to deliver an initial blast of 50,000 volts followed by about 1200 volts/second for about twenty seconds before the cartridge burns out.

This can be anything from a full catsuit with built-in sensors and cybernetic interfacing, to a non restrictive, black turtleneck and pair of tights. Most good runwear has numerous pockets, holsters, and chain attachments for making sure gear doesn’t spill out. Runner’s shoes typically have a firm microfiber grip and are coated in a thin layer of noise ablating polymers to make movement silent or near-silent. Then again, some people wear tai-chi shoes.

Other Kits:

Usually role-specific.

Rigger Kit

A decent rigger also probably carries the following

Two sheets of Mechaid, a lightweight, thin sheet of aluminum like substance to be placed over a damaged area of a drone. Once placed the rigger removes strip from the outside that starts a chemical reaction, auto-welding the sheet to the drone and self-hardening to make a makeshift patch. It is not enough to stand up to heavy fire, but it might deflect a bullet at the right angle, and can keep more sensitive equipment from being exposed.

A Dummybot
The dummybot is essentially a versatile signal generator that can mimic nearby machine signals. Not expertly, but enough so that in the heat of combat, an enemy rigger might attempt to jack into the useless dummybot instead of a nearby machine or opponent’s drone. Better dummybots also are rigged to cut the signal and hit a mechanical kill switch once jacked into, giving the unfortunate rigger within a case of dumpshock.

Shaman Kit

A set of fetishes
Nature spirits live all around us, so they say but plenty of places do not have strong connections to the spirit world. A fettish is a small totem that acts as bait to local spirits, aligned to the various elements of nature and designed to make a particular concentration of the element attractive to some roving ethereal beastie. Essentially a fire fettish will require some actual fire, but it may lure a spirit to a waste-paper basket fire rather than the lava flow or foundry forge that they typically hang around. An oil slick isn’t usually enough to warrant a toxic spirit’s attention, but with a Toxic fettish it will be much more likely to ensnare an abomination.

Mage Kit

Detect Magic Talisman
Most Talismongers will sell a decent bauble used for detecting magic. While most magic users have some sort of ability to sense magical workings in the air around them, a well wrought talisman can tell the kinds of magic being used, and in some cases, their effects in a twenty to hundred foot radius around them.

Runner Kits

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