RedmondBargainBasement.jpgSherrifstown is the unofficial name for a few blocks of property in the Northern part of Redmond Barrens. It was “founded” by Bart Coppershield, an ex-LoneStar Agent turned neighborhood lawman and Shadownode handler.

Sherrifstown has a reputation as one of the safest places in Redmond, due, in no small part to Bart’s excellent work hiring the right people to keep streetgangs at bay. In particular, he won a large fight with the Rust Stilettos in 2075, which put Sherrifstown on the map as a haven for those seeking asylum.

Among ‘runners, it is known as a prominent safe-haven for anyone who sticks to the Shadows, It’s primary drinking establishment, the Second Chance Bar, is even known as an employment hub and safe house, attracting numerous contracts, fixers and Mr. Johnsons of all kinds.

In short Sheffistown is the kind of paradise every runner asks for and all you need to get there, is the courage to brave six miles of Stilettos territory and make sure you aren’t followed.

Establishments and Locations in Sherriffstown:
Second Chance Bar- A Runner Haven masquerading as a dive bar
The Lion of Akasha- A Talismonger shop run by the enigmatic Rasheed al’Madhi
Grandmother Grains, a hydroponic garden and grocery store
Spare Ribs- An illegal chopshop for cybernetic repair and installation run by Garth Steelcleaver
Cafe Ararat- a Matrix Cafe and hub for information brokering courtesy of Ashod Sarkossian
Second Sights- A Gunsmithy and machine shop run by Beth Gregson and Greg Durman
Underground Rounds- An all purpose weapons and ammo establishment, not technically located in Sherriffstown, but orders are placed at the Second Chance Bar
Madame Chao’s- A pan-pacific noodle cart with some of the better food in the neighborhood.
Clean Sheet Motel- a flophouse and apartment complex for short or long term tenants run by Joan Mathers
Aphrodite’s Bounty- a brothel and sex shop run by Briseis Melelidaf

Denizens of Sherriffstown:
Governance and Administration
Bart Coppershield- Founder and unofficial Mayor
Mindfuck- ’Runner Communicatrix

Businesspersons and Proprietors
Rasheed al’Madhi, Talismonger
Joan Mathers, Slumlord Manager
Beth Gregson, gunsmithy
Ashod Sarkossian, information broker
Simon the Bill, Black Market Fence
Briseis Melelidaf, Madame
Poldy Melelidaf, junk salesman
Garth Steelcleaver, street doc
Frank Szelinski, operator of Madame Chao’s
Thomas Black-Soil, gardener and grocer

Security Personnel
Greg Durman- Automated Security
SpoonyBard- eSecurity
Luther- Bart’s bodyguard
Deputy Wallace, security officer in training
Bert- Security Officer

Chikawa Whale Dancer, Ork Underground liaison
Anders Rhinehardt, Mr. Johnson Screener and organizer
Porcelain, Arms Fence
Glutman, Penumbra Ambassador

Cherry Bomb- Bartender at the Second Chance
Micky- Courier and Cafe Ararat waitress
Rhonda Marsher, itinerant street shaman
Konrad Rakewell, street kid
T’lawcut Red Eagle, Salish National and sometimes ’runner
Linda Barry, Grocer
SugarPlum, Interactive Dance Experience
Aiden Pelucis, decker


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