Thrashpunk is a sub genre of radical punk music with strong ties to political anarchy.

It’s origins can be traced to the NuPunk wave in Britain in the 2040s, though it became a major touchstone of the UCAS radical left in the 2060s, mostly as a veneration of of the previous generation’s ideals.

Thrashpunk consists of mostly screamed dissident lyrics with a collection of back-up instruments played at great speed and without much rhythm or collaboration. A band typically consists of a front man, bassist, drummer and synthesizer player who focuses on adjusting the reverb in the amp to create as much feedback as possible.

The lyrics are stereotypically violent, expletive laced and cover themes of corporate overthrow, goblin uprisings and social collapse. Only one band in ten actually backs these convictions with any kind of action, but they make a safe boogeyman for the wageslaves to get riled about. This has led to some very public arrests of thrashpunk musicians, the ultimate sign of street cred, though most if the charges never stick.

Notable thrashpunk acts include Hackface, Rage39, MESSERKAMPF!!!, the Meltdowns, and Orifice. The last of these was the second band of the Ork musician, Ümlaüt, who got his start playing bass for Maria Mercurial. Now retired he runs the Auburn music venue Club Anarky, a highly respected and venerable institution in the thrashpunk world, which has managed to remain relevant and edgy while still making money.

The typical thrashpunk
Aficionado is young, angry, mostly male, and often Orkish or Trollish. Though humans and metahumans of all varieties are welcome in the violent, anti-establishment scene, the oppression of the goblin races makes for a lot of anger.


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