Elemental Spirit

Elemental Spirits

Earth Elementals
Earth Elementals are the tanks of the Spirit world. They often look like apes or bulky monsters composed of rock and metal and vines
Rumble- Creates a small, localized earthquake that can knock those effected off their
feet and cause structural damage depending on the environs
Shieldbash- Knocks people backward with a powerful blow
Stone Aura- Those aligned to the elemental are more likely to have projectiles and blows
bounce off them as though heavily armored
Naturally found in caves, mountains, parking structures, subway tunnels, plateaus
Can be enticed to: Any solid bits of metal or stone—concrete pylons, girders, mineral

Fire Elementals
Fire Elementals are dangerous, especially up close. They often look vaguely reptilian (like the salamanders of old) and have delicate, mutable features
Defense- Low
Conflagration- Causes a large explosion that burns everyone in a large radius from the
Flamethrower- Shoots out a line of fire that burns everyone in its path
Incendiary Aura- Those aligned to the elemental do more damage with attacks
Naturally found in volcanoes, foundries, smelters, and forest fires
Can be enticed to: any sustained heat or flame—trash fires, even stoves and ovens

Water Elementals
Water Elementals are mostly used for support. They typically resemble murky amalgams of sea creatures, or spinning torrents of water.
Freeze- Damages enemies and restricts their movement
Wellspring- Creates a fountain of mana to charge other spells
Flooding Aura- Those Aligned to the Spirit have more powerful magical abilities
Naturally found in lakes, tundra, oceans
Can be enticed to any significant water pressence—septic tanks, fountains, sprinkler

Air Elemental
Air Elementals are mercurial and unpredictable, they often look like rolling thunderheads, tornadoes, or the vague impression of flying animals in a swarm
Vortex- Causes a pressure change that draws people towards a specific nearby spot
Slitwind- Stinging winds cut people in a large cone
Zephyrous Aura- Increases the movement speed of those aligned to the spirit
Naturally found in weather systems—tornadoes, powerful winds, or even wind turbines
Can be enticed to various fans, engines, exhaust pipes

Nature Elemental
Nature Elementals are wild and uncontrollable. They look like amalgams of plants, animals, or things continually growing
Wild Hunt- Causes friendly targets and enemies to be filled with violent aggression,
fighting hard and flying into berserker rages
Calming Spores- Puts enemies to sleep
Blooming Aura- Those aligned to the spirit have their wounds healed more quickly
Can be naturally found in forests, meadows, reserves of any kind
Can be enticed to centers of natural life—rat warrens, insect hives, gardens, even

Toxic Elemental
Toxic Elementals are creations of the blighted Sixth world and are drawn to decay in all forms. They often manifest as rotting or diseased versions of nature spirits
Decay- Causes all organic things nearby to degrade, wilting plants, damaging enemies
Mindrot- Temporarily seduces an enemy to attack its comrades
Terror Aura- All those aligned to the spirit incite fear in the enemy
Can be found naturally in oil spills, fallout zones, swamps
Can be enticed to rotting food, corpses, polluted waters, squalor of any kind

Lightning Elemental
Lightning Elementals are elusive, dangerous and flamboyant. They often look lik inhuman clusters of ball lightning, or just flashes of light, glimpsed from the corner of one’s eye.
Defense- Low
Attack- High
Chain Lightning- Targets one enemy and lightning jumps throughout the room striking
Overclock- Super charges a receptive source (be it an electrically powered machine or a
storm shaman) making them run at super efficiency
Charged Aura- Aligned people have their attacks capable of stunning opponents
Can be naturally found in storm systems, power plants
Can be enticed to—almost any machine that uses enough electricity, ionized air

Shadow Elemental
Shadow Elementals are somber and solemn creatures who prefer the quiet of forgotten places. They often resemble swirling cloaks of darkness, or dark corners full of foreboding.
Quietus- Nullifies all magic, shuts down some technology and calms the emotions in an
area surrounding the elemental
Shroud- Cloaks a friendly combatant in shadows that make them harder to
detect magically, visually and technologically
Twilight Aura- Aligned people are immune to being blinded, stunned or otherwise incapacitated
Naturally found in Deep Caves, abandoned buildings, tunnels and sewers
Can be enticed to calm peaceful places, corporate lobbies do nicely, as well as dark
rooms, or places where technology does not penetrate

Elemental Spirit

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